Naked/Semi-naked Cakes

Naked and semi naked wedding cakes are proving to be very popular. Rustic and extremely charming, simply decorated with fresh flowers & fruits can create a WOW factor on your wedding day with modern addition of gold, hand painted drips and macarons or custom toppers.

Delivered to venues across Bristol, Bath, Weston-super-Mare, Gloucester, Somerset, Wales & surrounding areas.

Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 192Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 185Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 183Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 175Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 180Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 174Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 184Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 168Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 166Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 187Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 46Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 49Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 173Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 51Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 47Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 45Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 48Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 50Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 54Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 53Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 55Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 56Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 52Naked/Semi-naked Cakes - 57

Awards & Nominations

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